I. Introduction of anti pull rubber joint:

The rubber joint is composed of inner rubber layer, multi-layer carbon fiber, nylon curtain cloth and outer rubber layer. Both ends can rotate 360 ° flange. In order to avoid the explosion of the ball caused by the instantaneous pressure rise of the equipment, the pressure ring is set outside the ball, and the limited position device is set at both ends of the flange to prevent the excessive radial displacement caused by the pipeline pressure rise, so as to protect the equipment.

Compared with ordinary rubber joint, the advantages of anti pulling and flexible rubber joint are as follows: the product can withstand high pressure and anti pulling, and the anti pulling device is added to the structure of the product. It can prevent the pull-out of the limit. It is generally composed of smooth wave compensation parts with rubber flange at both ends and metal loose flange. Metal flange often adopts loose cover structure. The inner part of the steel belt is reinforced by the inner layer of rubber and steel wire, and the inner side of the flange is reinforced by rubber and steel wire. The anti pull flexible rubber joint is mainly composed of rubber body and flange. The rubber body includes outer rubber, inner rubber, reinforced curtain line, pressurized steel wire, etc. the product is made of high temperature vulcanization. Its structure is reasonable and its quality is reliable. It can effectively reduce noise in pipeline use.

 Flexible rubber joint of flexible anti pull off limit device
Flexible flexible rubber joint

Chhw brand high-pressure anti pull off rubber joint is also called rubber soft joint, anti drag device limit rubber joint, flexible joint, shock absorber, soft joint, shock absorber, etc. it is a kind of pipe joint with high elasticity, high air tightness, medium resistance and climate resistance. The product takes advantage of the rubber's elasticity, high air tightness, medium resistance, weather resistance and radiation resistance. It is made of polyester cord fabric with high strength and strong thermal and cold stability, and is vulcanized by high pressure and high temperature mold. It has high internal density, can bear high working pressure and has good elastic deformation effect. It can reduce vibration and noise.

II. Installation instructions for anti pull rubber joint:

The first step is to determine that the flange connecting rubber joint shall be valve flange or flange conforming to GB / t9115.1, and the normal applicable medium of flexible rubber joint is ordinary water with temperature of 0-80 ℃. In case of special medium such as oil, acid and alkali, high temperature and other corrosive and hard materials, rubber joint with special resistance material shall be selected Can be blind Serial or universal.

Second, when the pipeline medium involves acid, alkali, oil, high temperature and other special materials, the rubber flexible joint higher than the pipeline working pressure must be selected. According to the working pressure, medium, connection mode and compensation amount of the pipeline, the appropriate rubber joint model is selected. In addition, when the pipeline produces instantaneous working pressure and is greater than the working pressure, the joint with a gear higher than the working pressure should be selected. (for example, when the instantaneous working pressure of the pipeline is greater than 1.0MPa, the flexible joint with working pressure of 1.6Mpa should be selected. When the instantaneous working pressure is more than 1.6Mpa, 2.5MPa joint should be selected). When the flexible rubber joint is used at the inlet and outlet of the water pump, it should be located at the side near the water pump, and the metal reducing joint should be installed between the water pump and the water pump, and it should be installed at the large diameter of the variable diameter.

Third, when the pipe displacement is greater than or equal to the maximum compensation of the joint, the number of soft joints should be increased to parallel the displacement. It is strictly forbidden to make the joint in the limit deflection displacement and deviation state in order to adjust the out of tolerance of the pipeline, and not to exceed the limit (expansion, displacement, deflection, etc.). It should also be remembered that the anti pull off rubber joint should be re pressurized and tightened before it is put into operation after being subjected to pressure for the first time (e.g. installation, pressure test, etc.) or before it is used again after long-term shutdown. There are also high-rise water supply or suspended water supply. The pipeline should be fixed on the hanger, bracket or anchor frame, and the soft joint should not bear the weight and axial force of the pipe itself. Otherwise, the soft joint should be equipped with anti pulling device (the bearing force must be greater than the axial force of the pipe).

When tightening the end face of the rubber joint, it is necessary to press the bolt on the outer side repeatedly to prevent the bolt from pulling off.

 Rubber joint of anti pulling device

Rubber joint of anti pulling device

Above the HW - stop joint is provided to help you install the CHW joint.

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