Warmly celebrate Huawei water supply equipment Co., Ltd. successfully settled in Taobao and opened enterprise stores. Our company will uphold the consistent efficient and high-quality service to provide convenience for the majority of users.
Support online sales of rubber joint, expansion joint, compensator and other online transaction business.


How to enter Huawei Taobao store:

1. Alibaba Taobao enterprise store address: http://shop192839279.taobao.com

2. Search through Taobao
PC search Huawei Co., Ltd Select the first one to open.


Mobile phone version can be scanned by QR code

 Huawei taobao.com store
Warwick - Taobao store

You can also search stores through mobile Taobao client: CHHW (as shown in the figure below)

 Huawei taobao.com store

Warwick - Taobao store

On line business, only stores and companies stock goods, such as rubber joint series, expansion joint series, compensator series, excluding waterproof sleeve. If you don't have the goods or models you need in the product list, you can contact the customer service for the goods on the shelf, and you can enjoy free freight (the first weight) from today. You are welcome to consult Wangwang.

Please open Taobao Search collection quickly. On December 31, 2020, the relatives who place an order can enjoy the free shipping service.


 Huawei taobao.com store

At present, Taobao is in the trial operation stage. Due to the personnel arrangement problem, please understand if there is queuing phenomenon. Old users can still go through Huawei official website atrezzoak.com Technical consultation.

It is predicted that by the end of 2020, Taobao enterprise store operation system will be improved, and the online tmall mall will be opened in 2021. At that time, our inventory can be equal to the actual inventory, and we are looking forward to it.

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